Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

Our gate repair & install company in San Diego is the company to turn to when you have an emergency with your gates and fences. There is always someone at our company to answer your calls. If you call us at 1am because your gate will open,

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

When you require work to be done on you want a company that is dependable but yet you want a company that will give you high quality work without making you go broke. Think I am crazy? I am really not! If you call our Custom made gates company in San Diego

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Do you have a gate at the end of your driveway at your residential home or your commercial business? If you do then you know what a pain it can be to have to get out of your vehicle and open the gate every time you come in or are leaving.

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The best gate maintenance services in town. Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Below are tested gate repair, installation and maintenance tips for your convenience. Learn how to take care of your gates, how to select the right materials and make sure your gate looks aesthetically good and operates fine!

  • Swing gate motor maintenance involves inspecting the belt

    You should check if the belt is loose first. A bit of slack is fine, but a very saggy belt will need tightening. You should also inspect the belt for cracks. These indicate considerable damage. A cracked belt is close to breaking and should be replaced as soon as possible. If it snaps, the opener will simply stop working.

  • Get acquainted with your gate opener

    After a gate opener installation, it is essential that you are familiar with your gate opener unit. This is not only for the sake of being able to do minor automatic gate troubleshooting. This is to be able to promptly detect when there are problems. You may be unnecessarily calling your gate contractor when your problem is a simple blockage on the sensors.

  • Wooden gate maintenance

    When inspecting a wooden gate, look for splits, loose nails and screws, and cracked finishes. You should also re-varnish it regularly so that the wood stays strong and sturdy. However, before you apply a coat, sand the wood first for an even finish. Sanding also helps to get rid of other impurities that do not go away even after washing. Lastly, tune-up the important parts so they function well.

  • Install pedestrian doors to gates

    Don't walk in the driveway. It's important to install speed bumps but since you can never be sure with cars, it's better to install a pedestrian gate. This way, you can go in and out without fearing for your safety. The opener system is not made to control pedestrians.

  • Lubricate the Gate Components

    Every homeowner should know the right way to lubricate any gate component, say our technicians in San Diego. First, never use a W-40 on any type of internal or external chain. In case of slide gates, the main chain drive should be lubricated by spraying a coat of white Lithium grease. If you own a high-end seal bearing system then it may save you some time and maintenance costs but for the rest the bearings need to be lubricated and preferably use a grease gun for the same.

  • Importance of iron gate maintenance

    Your iron gate will need constant maintenance in order to continue functioning properly. Maintenance prevents rust from forming on your gate, which can slowly cause your gate to deteriorate. Our gate repair experts also recommend using paint on your gate as a means of keeping away the rust, as well as adding to the overall aesthetic design. The paint you can use can be easily found in hardware stores.

  • How Do I Choose The Right Material?

    Gates come in many shapes and sizes. They can be made out of aluminum, iron, wood, or even steel. Depending on what’s important to you, different materials may be best. Aluminum gates can be a great blend of attractive, low-key appearances combined with safety and security. Wood and wrought iron gates are usually the most aesthetically pleasing, but need the most attention and upkeep.

  • Should I Consider Pressure-Treated Wood For My Gate?

    Wood can be the most aesthetically pleasing type of gate if it’s treated properly. Unfortunately, Gate Repair San Diego does not recommend pressure treated wood as a good choice for your gate. This type of wood warps easily, and gates have to be very precisely aligned to ensure that they open and close correctly. Other types of wood are much better, and cause less problems.

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