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Below are some expert automatic gate maintenance tips for your convenience. Learn how to take care of your system and how to ensure it keeps looking good and stays functional for as long as possible.

Take good care of your iron gate

Your iron gate will need constant maintenance in order to continue functioning properly. Maintenance prevents rust from forming on the metallic parts, which can slowly cause your gate to degrade and may hinder its movement. Our gate repair experts painting the frame and bars as a means of keeping rust at bay and preserving curb appeal.

Proper wooden gate maintenance

When inspecting a wooden gate as part of a regular maintenance routine, look for splits, loose nails and screws, and chipped paint. You should also re-varnish it regularly so that the wood stays strong and sturdy. However, before you apply a new coat, sand the wood down to ensure the surface is even. Sanding also helps to get rid of other tiny imperfections. This won't just protect the gate, it will also improve its visual condition.

Be sure to read the owner's manual of your new gate opener

After a new gate opener installation, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with your new motor unit. This is not only for the sake of being able to do minor automatic gate troubleshooting when problems occur, but also to know where the manual release is and what to do during emergencies.

Check to make sure your photo eye sensors are working

Most automated gates will close after you enter or leave. While this is a convenient feature, it can be a hazard for children and pets or to other cars waiting to come through. The photo eye sensors and the safety loops (if you have them) will detect anything passing through and reverse or stop the gate's motion. Conduct a few tests to ensure these features are working correctly to avoid preventable accidents.

Oil your gate hinges regularly

The hinges of your gate see a lot of movement so it’s important to keep them well lubricated. Pay particular attention to the noise your gate makes as it opens and closes. If the sound makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the hinges definitely need lubricating. White lithium grease or a silicon based lubricant should do the trick.

Keep children away from your gate

Children are naturally curious and an automatic driveway gate may seem like a fun ride to them. You not only need to keep children away from a moving gate, you also need to explain the dangers to them. If you have young children or have them over as frequent visitors, keep an eye on them while the mechanism it is moving.


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