Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

Our gate repair & install company in San Diego is the company to turn to when you have an emergency with your gates and fences. There is always someone at our company to answer your calls. If you call us at 1am because your gate will open,

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

When you require work to be done on you want a company that is dependable but yet you want a company that will give you high quality work without making you go broke. Think I am crazy? I am really not! If you call our Custom made gates company in San Diego

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Do you have a gate at the end of your driveway at your residential home or your commercial business? If you do then you know what a pain it can be to have to get out of your vehicle and open the gate every time you come in or are leaving.

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Gate Repair San Diego

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Welcome to our company Gate Repair San Diego

The services of gate repair guarantee enhanced security since we can install and fix any gate intercom system in California, offer full gate services 24/7, are experts in residential and commercial wrought iron gates, and the best in electric gate repair.

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San Diego, California
Zip code: 92103
Phone: 619-210-0363

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Recognized gate maintenance specialists offering various plans to suit different gate systems and components.

Affordable Home Gate Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Gates make properties distinguishable and determine the boundaries between the private and public world. They have become the symbol of home security and San Diego Gate Repair makes sure this security is maintained and reinforced with updates or the installation of a gate intercom system.

Gate Repair San Diego

It's amazing how many things you can do these days to fortify your home security and the experienced technicians of San Diego Gate Repair can become your most trustworthy advisors. Our job is to ensure your entrances work properly and that's why we engage on automatic gate troubleshooting and proceed with the necessary repairs. The crime rates in San Diego are lower than a decade ago, but still high enough and require caution and good security measures.Gate Repair San Diego, CA

Receive expert automatic gate troubleshooting from our professional company. Our experienced specialists have excellent technical skills and the best tools and spare parts to resolve any issue from broken wheels and corroded iron bars to stuck opener. When there is a need for an urgent solution, we will provide it swiftly via our same day emergency service. The installation of new driveway gates is another one of our areas of expertise. We work with the utmost precision to set up all components from the panels and the hardware parts to the loop safety sensors and the intercom. For existing systems of any age, we offer full professional maintenance. The service includes full care, rigorous testing and inspection, setting readjustment and preventive repair.

You must not forget that your beautiful wrought iron gates are exposed to elements constantly and they are prone to have certain problems over the years. San Diego Gate Repair offers a 24/7 emergency service because problems may pop up at the strangest times, but must resolved instantly. Our company is equipped with the right tools, repair parts, knowledge, expertise and experience to deal with damaged residential openers, broken remotes or worn rollers.

We have the experience and knowledge to fix all damages and repair inconsistencies of any material at any time. The mission of San Diego Gate Repair is to fix gate motor issues and ensure that all parts are working at their full capacities because a well repaired and properly maintained entrance can make a difference between a safe house or an abandoned property, which may be easily intruded and violated.

We are also proficient in doing all kinds of iron work and are into the second generation of iron work which makes us trusted and improves our credibility. Our iron work service list includes:

  •     Security Doors
  •     Window Guards
  •     Guards & Railings
  •     Cages
  •     Dog Runs
  •     Pool Enclosures
  •     Pipe Corrals
  •     Fences
  •     Retaining Walls
  •     Doors/Gates

Call one of our gate and fence contractors and tell them what you need done and they will tell you that we can do it. We will come out and give you a free estimate and start the work as soon as you want us to.

Our gate company/ contractor in San Diego can do any repairs that you need done on your gates or your fences. From the gate springs needing repaired or replacing to the motor on your gate we have you covered. We can also repair posts, pillars n pickets. We also can do all welding service that is needed on your gate or your fence. Please call our company today and talk to one of our contractors they are there to answer all of your questions and then to take care of your services.

Another thing that our gate company/contractor company in the community of San Diego can do for you is to install phone entry systems on your gate. These are great systems especially if you cannot see the end of your driveway. With these systems a guest will have to stop and identify themselves before you allow them to come in the gate. These systems work great with residential driveways and commercial businesses driveways. Just call one of our gate contractors and tell them what you need and they will come right out and install a system for you. We have a great reputation in San Diego and would love to chance to show you why.

Parking Garage Gate Services

The range of parking garage gate services begins with installation. The installation of a whole new system includes setting up the panels and mounting and adjusting the hardware. All electronic components from the opener and the safety sensors to the keypad and the remote controls are installed individually and connected properly. The set of repair services includes fixing panels, hardware parts and electronic devices. Each component is fixed in a specific manner depending on its design and make. When the damage is beyond repair, the component is replaced with a matching one. Maintenance is another service available for parking garage gates. All components are cared for properly. They are fixed and replaced timely when required thanks to thorough inspection and testing for identifying issues. When a major component such as the opener or the spring or the entire system has to be changed, the replacement service comes into play.

Our specialists are extremely skilled and have the experience they need to repair your electric gate. If you are having trouble with it, to ensure that you are not harmed, allow us to handle the repairs. If there is an issue with its hinges, wheels or tracks, we’ll be able to quickly resolve the problem for you. Our technicians have the qualifications needed to safely and accurately handle the repairs you may require. We offer you affordable services, regardless of the extent of the problem. With our services, we make it possible for everyone to receive the help they need.

Did you check the tracks when gates don't move? See what else to inspect

Professional Swing Gate Hinge Adjustment, Repair & Replacement

The 3 Most Common Sliding Gate Malfunctions

Sliding gates offer a high level of security and great convenience, but what if there is a problem? Get more details on the most common malfunctions that can affect your automatic unit. 

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Easy Maintenance for Your Gate

If you have had a new gate installation, you want to make sure that you extend its life. Maintenance service is necessary and is paramount in keeping your unit functioning properly. Here are some easy maintenance tips that you can follow to help keep your device working for a long time to come.

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Do You Really Need to Repair Gates?

If you want your gate to serve its best purpose for your home, it’s recommended that you always check it have it repaired when needed. For instance, you may need to fix gate motor if it does not work or function properly such as not operating.

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