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The Three Most Common Sliding Gate Malfunctions


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The Three Most Common Sliding Gate Malfunctions

Common Sliding Gate Malfunctions | Gate Repair San Diego, CA

When you own a solid wooden or metal driveway gate with a reliable modern opener, you may think that it’s practically impossible for the mechanism to experience any issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Some problems can still occur, and you should be prepared and know how to deal with them.

  1. Track Obstruction or Damage

    The job of the track is to keep the gate moving steadily by guiding its wheels in a straight line. However, since it is installed along the driveway, dirt, pebbles and other debris can start to accumulate inside the track, and will gradually create a blockage. It is also possible for the track to suffer from bending as a result of a forceful impact. In either of these cases, the sliding gate wheels can get stuck and the unit can stop moving. The solution depends on the nature of the problem. Sometimes, cleaning and removing the obstruction is sufficient. If the track is bent, however, it has to be fixed or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage.
  2. Snapped Opener Chain

    The chain typically snaps because it has worn out and became too weak to function. It is less likely for this problem to occur because of damage caused by another object or due to the weather, although rust can be an influencing factor. When the chain breaks, you won’t be able to open your gate automatically. The solution is to replace the chain. This is standard driveway gate repair procedure, but it should be carried out by a professional, to ensure it's done correctly. The most important thing is for the chain’s tension to be adjusted correctly, according to the weight of your gate. Remember that this hardware part requires proper lubrication in order to work smoothly and reliably.  Be sure to include this task in your regular maintenance routine. Doing this can help extend the longevity of the chain, and save you the hassle of dealing with it when it breaks.
  3. Broken Motor Gear

    This gear is found inside the gate opener and its job is to transfer the power produced by the motor to the drive system's hardware components which are responsible for physically operating the gate. It typically breaks due to extensive wear, much like other parts. When this happens, you will not be able to run your gate automatically. Only manual operation will be possible. In this situation, the motor repairs will involve replacing the old gear with a new one of the same type and size. Most opener manufacturers use universal gears so replacements are readily available. This means that when you contact us for help with this type of problem, you can expect a fast solution.

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